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Vacation destinations in s for Many interreters rejected the role of literatre in relation to meditation and endorsed the seemingly oosite tendency of highlighting minimalist exression or silence Th ese masters fond the se of rhetorical fl orish to be self- contradictory and tried to enforce a olicy of avoiding exressiveness by emhasizing the standoint of abbreviation As endorsed by Dahi and his many followers within the Linji/Rinzai school, hrases like cyress tree were extracted from a longer dialoge as a shortct techniqe that did not reqire frther exlanation Critical hrases were imortant not for the meanings they evoked, bt becase taken ot of their narrative context they Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 67 became symbolic indicators of a higher trth lying beyond and defying the se of words According to this standoint, critical hrases fnction as a oison sed to contradict oison, to cite a saying reglarly sed in Korean Zen’s keyword method of training Koans are heristic devices, like the roverbial fi nger ointing to the moon or the fi shnet or hare’s tra, as in a Daoist arable attribted to the great hi los o her Zhangzi Th ese analogies refer to tools that are in the end to be cast aside once the goal of catching the rey is realized Vacation destinations in s 2016

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