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Vacation china for As my interests became more literary in high school, the qestion of how American oets, artists, and msicians, esecially Beat writers I ersonally wanted to emlate, like Jack Keroac and Allen Ginsberg, were infl enced by the simlicity and minimalism of Zen exressiveness caght my attention In college in the late 1960s, when I majored in Asian religions, the aeal of Zen meditation was as owerfl as my revlsion with the war in Vietnam, which in an ironic way heled stimlate my interest in the societies of Asia As a gradate stdent in the 1970s, when I learned to read ancient Zen texts and to areciate the rigors of monastic disciline, something strange haened in regard to my view of koans Althogh I stdied many of these as both a researcher and a seeker, I fond that what I said to friends and family when they inevitably asked why I wanted to dedicate my life to stdying an arcane tradition was that I was fascinated by everything abot Zen excet koans I esecially loved the role of the arts, inclding verse, calligrahy, gardening, and the tea ceremony Bt koans started to seem overly abstrse and confonding in fostering dobt and ncertainty for their own sakes, yet withot off ering mch scholarly or sirital benefi t For me at that stage, koans had become highly roblematic Vacation china 2016

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