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Uzunkopru City Of Turkey for Other theorists forgo tinkering with political institutions and set out instead to straighten the timber of humanity itself through revolutionary practice. In either case, a theory of human nature becomes the prerequisite for a theory of politics. Consider in greater detail how one political theorist famously carried on the tradition of structuring politics on a model of human nature. Thomas Hobbes (1588 1679) was much impressed by Euclidean geometry, a science that deduced firm conclusions from self-evident axioms. Like Plato, Hobbes strove to make his political theory mathematical. Making and maintaining a commonwealth, 32 thinking politics Hobbes writes, entails discovering and applying the same sort of rules as are found in arithmetic and geometry.9 Hobbes’s theory of human nature is vastly different from Plato’s, however, and consequently so is the form of politics he proposes. Uzunkopru City Of Turkey 2016.

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