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trecht City for Colmbs made a nmber of retrn voyages in sbseqent years that t him on the shores of Soth and Central America In his book The Conqest of America, Tzvetan Todorov examines the relations that Colmbs established with the inhabitants of the Americas, as well as the relations sbseqently established by the Sanish conqistadors and missionaries Todorov wrote his book to investigate the discovery self makes of the other6 Desite being famos as an exlorer, Todorov writes, Colmbs never really exlored the other The reason is that the great discoverer of the New World never scceeded in escaing from himself He remained too mch a cative of his Christian, Eroean identity to nderstand or areciate the other in America As Todorov observes, thogh Colmbs discovered America, he failed to discover the Americans trecht City 2016

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