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Usa vacations for One member of this group, the Great September Comet of , became a stunning daytime comet around perihelion time, partly because it fragmented when exposed to the raw pressure of the Sun’s gravitational pull and its fierce heat see fig. The Kracht Group consists of comets that come as close as AU from the Sun and have a relatively low inclination roughly degrees. The Great Comet of was not related to either of these groups of comets, but nevertheless came to within AU of the Sun. FIG A sketch of the Great September Comet of , as seen from Cairo, Egypt. It peaked at apparent magnitude – or – to and was seen in broad daylight. Image credit The Graphic November , Passing this close to the Sun may prove catastrophic for a comet. Comet ISON which had a perihelion distance of AU, for example, did not survive the Sun’s scalding and gravitational pull as it made its way around the solar sphere on Thanksgiving Day , but simply disintegrated. Usa vacations 2016.

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