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Usa vacation for b After the Star had led them to Bethlehem, the Star then entered a phase of descending in altitude. c As the Star descended to just above the visible horizon that night, it stood over the place where the Messiah was. From what Matthew writes, we can deduce the following having left their homeland shortly after the completion of the sign in the eastern sky, and having traveled some ? days the length of a camel caravan trip from Babylon to Jerusalem to Judea, the Magi saw the Star appear in the south-southeastern sky in the evening and then, along with the rest of the stars, over a couple of hours move to the south-southwest the direction of Bethlehem from Jerusalem. From that point it descended toward the horizon and finally stood. The Magi’s Joy. Verse is somewhat ambiguous and could be interpreted in one of two ways as revealing the response of the Magi to the appearance of the Star as they traveled from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, or as indicating their reaction to the standing of the Star over one particular house. The former interpretation its with the behold of verse but interrupts the narrative low and would make verse parenthetical. Usa vacation 2016.

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