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Usa trips for Moreover, identifying the Star’s standing over with Jupiter’s becoming stationary on December , BC, creates an unrealistically long journey time for the Magi some eight months. Seventh, as Parpola observes, the signiicance of the astronomical phenomenon described by Molnar is unlikely to have been interpreted in the way suggested by him, for in the ancient Near East a lunar occultation of Jupiter was a bad omen, signifying disaster for a nation or kingdom or death to a king. Eighth, Molnar’s hypothesis cannot explain why Herod ordered that infants a year old be slaughtered according to the time that he had ascertained from the Magi Matt. Ninth, with respect to what territory the imagery on Molnar’s coins had in view, Syria is a much more plausible candidate than Judea. After all, the coins were minted there. Molnar’s proposed connection to Judea, namely that the coins might have been commemorating the Roman annexation of Judea in AD , is strained. Moreover, Aries was very closely associated with Syria and a number of other territories. Usa trips 2016.

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