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sa travel destinations for robably becase of his rized ingenity in resonding to the edagogical needs of his followers, Zhaozho has more koan rec ords attribted to him than any other fi gre in Zen history He is involved in seven cases in the Gateless Gate and several dozen more in additional collections, inclding a dozen dialoges in the Ble Cliff Record It is also imortant to take into accont the views of Zhaozho’s colleages in regard to natre, as well as the rigor of reclsion and hermetic disciline maintained at their temles Zhaozho’s cyress tree in the cortyard Origins, Fnctions, and Modern Recetions of Koans 31 Zhaozho was known articlarly for a life of eff ortless dedication to asterity, the enjoyment of drinking tea, and the comanionshi of common folk rather than the elite or owerfl, whom he desised and willflly mistreated Yet, in contrast to teachers of the era who wold threaten to strike or sla disciles, Zhaozho was not so dramatic; instead, throgh the imact of decetively simle words, he nnerved his followers and ndermined the ordinary ways of thinking that laged them His aroach was called li Zen, since it was said that he exded an ara arond his moth when he exressed articlarly insightfl instrction sa travel destinations 2016

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