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Usa tourist attractions on Although Marx is most well known as a prophet of communism, this aspect of his work is really important only to communists. We will come to it, but start with Marx’s contributions that go beyond the political message of communism, and that continue to live on in modern-day social sciences. The biggest such contribution is the economic interpretation of history, which in the words of Schumpeter was one of the greatest achievements in sociology of all times. The economic interpretation of history does not mean that people are motivated only or primarily by economic motives in their behavior. The true meaning of Marx, Karl 533 Marx’s message, in this regard, was that religions, philosophical concepts, schools of art, ethical ideas, and political movements are shaped by the economic conditions of their times and that changes in the economic conditions account for their rise and fall. Those changes (the development of the productive forces of a society) can be influenced by non-economic factors, but in the end the needs coming from the economic side will meld political and other institutions in a way that is required for their continued development. At least part of Marx’s vision is still alive today in works by economists and political scientists who have absolutely no sympathy for the political message of Communism (for example, in economics it is related to theories accounting for the formation of preferences and social institutions, as in the works of the Nobel Prizewinners Gary S. Usa tourist attractions 2016.

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