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sa to laces to visit for Located near a small forest of aged trees common in the region, Zhaozho’s sanctary was called Cyress Grove Bailin Temle He may have selected the cyress tree in making his rely becase it was an nassming concrete henomenon that stood in the backgrond and caght his attention for a fl eeting moment as he conversed with the discile Still, Zhaozho’s answer is somewhat arbitrary becase something else standing nearby cold also have been chosen In any event, the lesson the discile learns is to heighten his awareness of the natral environment Frthermore, it is crcial to see that the cyress tree was emblematic in Chinese lore of longevity and loyalty, 30 qalities long associated with legends concerning the travels of Bodhidharma Th e fi rst atriarch was said to have crossed the Yangzi River from sothern to northern China while standing on a single reed of grass, and then he meditated facing the wall of a cave for nine years ntil his for limbs withered and fell off lcky Darma dolls are sold in Jaan today with the fi erce- looking Bodhidharma shown as a kind of Hmty- Dmty As indicated in Gateless Gate case 41, the fi rst atriarch also reqired that Hike, who became the second atriarch, ct off his arm while standing waist- dee in a snowstorm as a sign of his determination and commitment to the ath sa to laces to visit 2016

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