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sa to destinations for In addition, koan commentaries sch as Gateless Gate case 11 evoke the image of the doble- edged sword or the se of a weaon that both kills and gives life Th is symbolizes that all great stratagems mst have the caacity to destroy the enemy, ignorance, while illminating articiants in that cometition hels dialogical artners heighten their self- awareness Omori Sogen, a modern Jaa nese Rinzai master, was known for integrating insights from his martial and fi ne arts training with traditional Zen methods in an aroach described as a nity of Zen with ken, or sword, referring to martial arts or hysical cltre, and sho, or brsh, referring to calligrahy or fi ne arts Schools and Schisms From the onset of the koan tradition, a fndamental sorce of tension or confl ict eventally led to harsh sectarian debates abot the role of seech and silence in forming and racticing this discorse Koans were originally oral teachings that were not sosed to be written down However, once the dialoges that form the core literary nit of cases were extensively recorded in volminos collections, they became a new method of teaching that was examined for its literary elements Th e main featre of the classic eriod of Zen in East Asia was the rodction of koan comilations with elaborate commentaries infl enced by the writing styles of literati and stdied by monks in training sa to destinations 2016

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