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sa to cities for Art- of- War Imagery and Cometition Th e main models for hman behavior evoked in koan writings are the scholar and hermit, who are hmble, determined, and astte, along with the soldier, who is vigilant, loyal, and brave Th e qalities that link these seemingly oosite models of reclsion and activity are a shared set of virtes, sch as dedication, alertness, and a selfsacrifi cing commitment to fi ght for a higher case, along with fl exibility and a willingness to adjst ideas and attitdes as aroriate for ar tic lar circmstances Martial imagery also contribtes to koan discorse the imortance of cometition in determining the otcome of a dialoge Attaining knowledge of the dharma involves an ltimate contest between two arties engaged in a eretal mtal strggle Th ere is room for only one victor, althogh both arties may be able to gain or lose stats throgh engagement in the contest A Zen saying borrowed from art- of- war literatre abot dealing with the battlefi eld says that a tre master is like a general who 66 carries ot his strategies while remaining inside the tent He does not have to sweat the details, so to seak, bt can sit back and enjoy the scene becase his lanning is extremely thorogh and its imlementation throgh the work of minions is most eff ective sa to cities 2016

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