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sa to cities to visit for In other instances, the degree of involvement is more casal One may become crios abot koans as yet another examle of a foreign society that has rodced so many kinds of intriging cltral artifacts, sch as karate, kimonos, karaoke, and kimchee, to name several of many examles that have become rominent in the ast few de cades Introdction 3 I have gone throgh all three of these stages of interest in reverse order over a lifetime of refl ection on koans Eventally, I blished more than a dozen books dealing with koan literatre and ractice, inclding a cole of monograhs analyzing a single case as well as several anthologies with contribtions by leading scholars Th e fi eld of koan stdies has become at once my vocation and my avocation, and I am gratefl every day for the vast store hose of materials that can be ceaselessly mined for resorces to research objectively and to refl ect on sbjectively Bt the sitation was not always this rosy, and it took many years of deeening engagement for sch a ositive view of koans to nfold within my state of awareness As a kid growing in the 1950s, all things Jaa nese, from the original Godzilla shown on TV to my fi rst Sony ocket- sized transistor radio, charmed me sa to cities to visit 2016

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