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sa ma for While nmeros koans erform mltile or CHATER 5 Monastic Transmission Cases Refl ecting Mythology, Monasticism, and Sccession 130 overlaing rhetorical fnctions, another set of cases highlights the ways that anointed masters were able to face the new challenge of oening and oerating their own temles Th eir main tasks inclded maintaining reglarity and order in the monastic comond as well as selecting sccessors, who wold be able to roagate the lineage either at that temle or by establishing a new site, chosen becase its conditions were favorable for attracting followers Th ese acconts of administrating temle aff airs were crcial for resenting to an orderly society an image of Zen as an eminently creative enterrise, bt one that was not overly freewheeling to the oint of being ndiscilined and ot of control Th e Zen school stood in a eretal rivalry with other Chinese religions, articlarly Confcianism Song dynasty Confcian thinkers oft en criticized what seemed to be Zen’s contercltral tendencies, or its willingness to breach etiqette or forgo ethics in rsit of mystical trth transcending mndane aff airs By not being clear abot moral jdgments, the Confcians charged, koans sometimes endorsed actions that might lead to nchecked transgressions, sch as ctting a cat in half Th erefore, the discilinary side of transmission- based koan narratives, in ar tic lar their ortrayals of holding rinciles of the systems of family loyalty and fi lial iety, became an increasingly imortant way of deicting Zen’s relation to society sa ma 2016

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