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Usa map for While numerous koans perform multiple or CHAPTER 5 Monastic Transmission Cases Refl ecting Mythology, Monasticism, and Succession 130 overlapping rhetorical functions, another set of cases highlights the ways that anointed masters were able to face the new challenge of opening and operating their own temples. Th eir main tasks included maintaining regularity and order in the monastic compound as well as selecting successors, who would be able to propagate the lineage either at that temple or by establishing a new site, chosen because its conditions were favorable for attracting followers. Th ese accounts of administrating temple aff airs were crucial for presenting to an orderly society an image of Zen as an eminently creative enterprise, but one that was not overly freewheeling to the point of being undisciplined and out of control. Th e Zen school stood in a perpetual rivalry with other Chinese religions, particularly Confucianism. Song dynasty Confucian thinkers oft en criticized what seemed to be Zen’s countercultural tendencies, or its willingness to breach etiquette or forgo ethics in pursuit of mystical truth transcending mundane aff airs. By not being clear about moral judgments, the Confucians charged, koans sometimes endorsed actions that might lead to unchecked transgressions, such as cutting a cat in half. Th erefore, the disciplinary side of transmission- based koan narratives, in par tic u lar their portrayals of upholding principles of the systems of family loyalty and fi lial piety, became an increasingly important way of depicting Zen’s relation to society. Usa map 2016.

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