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Us vacation ideas for The episode calls to mind Psalm , with its mysterious prophecy that the kings of the earth would conspire against Yahweh and his Messiah, but would do so in vain, because Yahweh had infallibly decreed that his Son, the Messiah, would reign over all nations. Conclusion In this chapter we have sought to unpack Matthew’s account of the birth of Jesus and particularly his account of the journey of the Magi to worship the baby Messiah. In the course of doing so we have developed a clearer understanding of the Star that played such an important role in the story. In light of our detailed study of Matthew we are now in a position to set out some data that a compelling hypothesis regarding the identity of the Bethlehem Star must be able to accommodate. . Matthew’s Gospel is a theological biography with a deinite interest in history. Matthew believed that the account of the Magi and the Star was historically reliable. Us vacation ideas 2016.

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