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Us vacation destinations for To attribute such behavior to a planet is most unnatural. The apparent pause of a planet in the sky before it reverses direction is not visually perceptible within the short window of time available a single night Matt. Of course, the Magi may have known of this pause in advance by their own mathematical calculations, but it should be noted that they would also have been aware that such a pause was simply the prelude to an apparent reversal of direction. Quite why any magus would have taken this particular pause as disclosing the Messiah’s location is unclear. Moreover, it is not easy to come up with a plausible explanation of how advance knowledge of the pause in Jupiter’s motion might have enabled the Magi to pinpoint one particular building in Bethlehem. Sixth, the hypothesis that the Star was actually a triple conjunction in BC struggles to come up with a birth date for the Messiah. Hughes suggests that the key moment within the period of the triple conjunction must have been the acronychal rising the planets’ rising in the east as the Sun was setting in the west on September However, why would the acronychal rising of two distinct planets have been regarded as an astrological indication of a birth? Moreover, as we have already noted, the rising of the Star in Matthew probably refers to a heliacal rising. Us vacation destinations 2016.

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