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s travel ideas for Folklore Symbolism and Morality Althogh Zen koans seem to reresent the most select levels of cltre, like many kinds of refi ned literatre and msic worldwide they have integrated freqently imaginative folklore elements into the discorse Drawing from age- old folktales enhances the symbolism Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 65 of koans in regard to learning moral trths as a key trning oint leading from transgression to redemtion while following the religios athway and avoiding the conseqences of retribtion Evoking the imaginary realm of the sernatral is an ideal way to comment on the travails ndergone in the natral world throgh sing lively stories that aeal to children of all ages Adiences have noted how Mozart’s fi nal and most famos oera, Th e Magic Flte, comosed in the 1790s, tilized varios folklore motifs in its aroach to both msic and storytelling As told with an oosing mix of bawdy farce and loft y ideals, in this tye of theatrical rodction it was said by a knowledgeable observer, the road to enlightenment was oft en aved with damsels in need of resce, exotic scenic elements riddled with magical tricks, and an occasional talking animal Th e same cold be said of koan narratives, which featre an odd yet intriging cast of characters Cases in the Gateless Gate inclde a lovelorn lady and a wise granny, hermits and other irreglar ractitioners, a shae- shift ing fox and an eternal yet nflfi lled Bddha, masters who sever fi ngers or arms or ct animals in two, and fans that fl y to the heavens, in addition to remonitory dreams and visions s travel ideas 2016

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