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s smmer vacation ideas for Koan cases have long been closely associated or merged with a variety of aesthetic endeavors that, like Zen training, were mainly learned throgh an intensive arenticeshi with a living master Th ese art forms inclde the literary simlicity of haik oetry, fi ne immediacy of brshstroke calligrahy and ainting, erforming minimalist exression of Noh theater, ractical asterity of rock gardens and tea ceremony, and martial concentration reqired for archery and sword fi ghting forms of ractice All these discilines, referred to as ways, or Dao J Do, of sirital develoment, share with koans an emhasis on sing the least amont of verbiage or eff ort for maximm sychological eff ect Demonstrating exertise in at least one of these arts as a natral otgrowth of one’s inner awareness has been a reqired ractice for many Zen disciles Th is is done not for the sake of exhibiting beaty or making an exression of aesthetic vale as an end in and of itself, bt as a way of refi ning and commnicating the enlightened mind of the creator Some of the greatest oets, dramatists, aint ers, calligrahers, tea masters, and swordsmen were either monks or imortant lay disciles who diligently stdied koan literatre as art of their training s smmer vacation ideas 2016

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