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s smmer destinations for Th e koan is the catalyst that enables a breakthrogh to realization Th is exerience occrs sddenly, bt not qickly in the ordinary temoral sense, in that months or years of develoment mst recede it As a rime examle of classical East Asian cltre, koans oft en fascinate eole in modern Western society for varios reasons In some instances, the level of interest is based on an intense or even assionate qest for knowledge and nderstanding of mystical trth that involves a high level of engagement on the art of one who is willing to endre challenges and hardshis Th ere are many aths to reaching sch a commitment In some instances, this develoment may transire throgh scholarly research for historical evidence that is ndertaken by traveling to remote montain temles and oring over obscre medieval manscrits in varios libraries and archives Or it may deend on a ersonal, existential rsit that involves training in exotic monastic locations nder the ttelage of a mentor, who is oft en qite severe in giving criticism to the trainee strggling to come to terms with the meaning of assigned koan cases s smmer destinations 2016

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