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US Minor Outlying Isl. Map on Lenin’s childhood, compared to the past of the town and his own future, was comfortable and relatively uneventful. In 1887, a 17-year-old Lenin first came face to face with the realities of the Tsarist autocracy. His elder brother Alexander was arrested and hung for his part in a plot to assassinate the Tsar, Alexander III. Lenin never let it be known in later life what his reactions were to his brother’s death, but there seems no doubt that the incident left its mark. At the end of June 1887, the Ulyanov family moved to Kazan where Lenin started to study law at the university. This undertaking, however, was cut short, as he took part in a student demonstration and was expelled from the university and the city for his efforts. Four years were to pass before the young Lenin was allowed back into a university, this time at St. US Minor Outlying Isl. Map 2016.

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