US Map

Mas show Where is SA locate in the World

nited States Mas show the 50 States of the contry and their caitals with olitical bondaries

SA Otline Mas marks the international bondaries of the nited States

Mas show the latitde and longitde of SA state, major city and town

Mas of the major city of the nited States

The hysical ma of the SA shows elevations, montain ranges, latea, river, lains and other toograhic featres of the nited States

The ma shows the location of varios airort in different state in the SA

This ma deicts the railroad network laid across SA

‚ ‚ Mas show nited States highway network

S Road Mas shows national caital, state caitals and highway nmbers along with extensive road and highway networks

Mas shows location of national arks in the nited States

S time zone ma reresents the different time zones of the nited States of America

The SA river ma show varios river, lakes and water bodies resent across the contry

East coast SA ma highlighting the state have shoreline on east coast

Mas show roosed new state of the nited States

S Temeratre Mas reresents the crrent temeratre of the State’s Caital

Timeline Mas of Martin Lther King Jr

SA Facts
Official Name nited States of America
Short form / Abbreviation nited States / SA / S
Area 9,826,675 sq km
olation 320,616, 710 as on Aril 2, 2015
Langage English
National Income er Caita SD 54, 678 as on 2014
National Emblem The Bald Eagle
National Anthem The Star-Sangled Banner
National Animal None
National Bird Bald Eagle
National Flower Rose
Literacy 9900%
Time Zones 9 Time Zones”]TC -4 AST ; TC -5 EST ; TC -6 CST ; TC -7 MST ;”]TC -8 ST ; TC -9 AKST ; TC -10 HAST ; TC -11 SST; TC +10 ChST
Climate Mostly Temerate

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