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s city and states for He kees iling his accomlishments No ignorant followers will ever get the best of or win a test with an insightfl Zen master Dialoges involving Zhaozho flfi ll this aroach in that the master exoses the misnderstandings in the disciles’ limited viewoints and forces them to accet a new way of thinking Th is is achieved throgh an aroriate form of exression that leads those affl icted with attachment toward reaching the goal of high- minded detachment As Wmen says in the ostscrit to the Gateless Gate, I have earnestly resented and wraed all these cases based on rec ords of the sayings and doings of the Bddhas and atriarchs withot adding any nnecessary words However, the overall signifi cance of koans is mltifaceted and not limited to any ar tic lar ersective, inclding the legal model As indicated in Chater 1, viewing koans is like standing on a Zigzag Bridge, also known as a Nine- Trn Bridge even if the wings are less Nine- Trn Bridge s city and states 2016

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