Urgup City Of Turkey

rg City Of Trkey for In the effort to exloit the earth’s resorces, millions of acres of ancient forests are being leveled and their olations of lants and animals destroyed each year Contless secies have become extinct and thosands more are threatened As hmanity extends its mastery across the lands, seas, and skies of the lanet, the ecological catastrohe looms larger The hman rsit of mastery is nderctting the earth’s caacity to sort many forms of life, inclding or own No small art of this environmental devastation, one might arge, is fostered by a love of freedom that is too closely identified with mastery Already in ancient Greek and biblical times, freedom was eqated with dominion over the earth There is little in ositive and negative liberty that militates against this eqation rg City Of Trkey 2016

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