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nited states vacation ideas for In koan writings, the Zen master assmes the role of the coolly observant local offi cial, who seeks to analyze and hel overcome the sirital defi ciencies of his followers Ignorance and worldly attachment are deserving of chastisement by a charismatic sirital leader who is the embodiment of jdicios athority Some of the rononcements sed in koans, sch as I will give yo thirty blows if the answer is defi cient or, conversely, I will sare yo thirty blows when the resonse is correct, are borrowed directly from nitive methods sed by the cort system Rather than handing ot enalties as in a legal context, reftations exressed in koan dialoges are designed to trigger an internal exerience of self- refl ection and redemtion on the art of the blameworthy arty Extending the analogy of investigative work, the commentator in the Ble Cliff Record raises the way Zen master Xedo is able to se oetic comments to wra a koan case In Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 63 remarking on another master’s sayings abot a rominent dialoge, Yanw writes, He solves a doble case, and handles all crimes with the same indictment Frthermore, A trile case, a qa dr le case nited states vacation ideas 2016

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