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nited states travel destinations for Most eole in modern China think of the term koan strictly in a legal setting and robably wold not even recognize the religios meaning For fans of a TV show that was a favorite in the 1950s and beyond, a comarable breakthrogh by an investigator who fi nally cracks a thorny case and reveals the trth in dramatic fashion before the cortroom is called the erry Mason moment According to one of the leading classical Chinese Zen hi los ohers, who characterized the koan in terms of the legal meta hor: Th e blic case is the torch of wisdom that illminates the darkness of assions, the golden scraer that cts away fi lm cloding the eye, the shar ax that severs the life- root of birth and death, the divine mirror that refl ects the original face of both the sage and the commoner Each inqiry is like an offi cial romlgating an order or directing eole to read reglations and know the law by extingishing bad thoghts as soon as they arise nited states travel destinations 2016

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