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United States Subway Map on The publication was a manual on how to get ahead in the world (time is money was one of its mottos) and, in two decades of publication, sales reached 10,000 copies every year, making it a phenomenal bestseller in the small literate population of the American colonies. By 1757, Franklin had made a small fortune and, in addition to his economic successes, he had become widely known in American and European scientific circles for his reports of electrical experiments and theories. As a result, he was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of London in 1756 and important universities such as Harvard, Yale, William and Mary, St. Andrews, and Oxford awarded him honorary degrees. The latter part of Franklin’s life saw him start a long career as a politician. He would be chief spokesman for the British colonies in debates with the British king’s ministers about self-government, and would have a hand in the writing of the Declaration of Independence. Franklin also played a crucial and historical role in securing financial and military aid from FRANCE during the AMERICAN REVOLUTION. United States Subway Map 2016.

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