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nited states best cities for also refl ects an awareness of the constraints of hman ercetion and the limits of discorse Koans, when eff ective, are said to trigger a sdden awakening that is like the sn brsting throgh the clods on a dreary day or a hammer smashing throgh solid rock However, koans are not the only method sed in Zen training In order for a koan to have an imact, the trainee mst have ndergone a rolonged eriod of racticing meditation and maintaining a strict behavioral code of disciline by stdying scritres and erforming daily chores Th is is the necessary rearation that steadies the mind throgh contining contemlative cltivation When the eff ect of the koan takes hold, the exerience is comared to a mother hen and baby chick each ecking at the eggshell ntil it fi nally oens Or, in another analogy, it is like fi lling a c of liqid to the brim and adding jst one more dro so that it sills over nited states best cities 2016

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