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United Arab Emirates Metro Map on It needs to be separately calculated for different income numbers such as income per share from continuing operations, loss per share from discontinued operation, and so on. Users of income statements. Prospective or existing owners/investors, financial analysts, bank loan officers, income tax authorities, customers, and suppliersall of these people need to use the income statement to analyze the company’s performance over a period of time. Management of an entity needs it to compare the actual results to the budgets and take appropriate corrective measures, if needed. Investors are interested in the income statement of the company to evaluate the company’s performance and divest if necessary. The preparation and the use of the income statement is not limited to the business or for-profit companies. Not-for-profit entities such as American Cancer Society would need to prepare an income statement and other financial reports for its donors, management, and for the governmental agencies. United Arab Emirates Metro Map 2016.

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