An Unforgettable Experience in Eastern Europe – At the Carpathian Mountains

Visiting the west side of Eastern Europe was an adventure that I never wanted to end. The abundance of tourist attractions was amazing, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience. Eastern Europe is so rich in culture, especially the Czech Republic. I personally love to be active, so I had to visit the Carpathian Mountains and explore the beautiful scenery that they had to offer. I spent my time there hiking, sightseeing, and even rafting. Hiking the trails there was like being introduced to a whole new world, it was absolutely breath taking, and definitely worth the trip!

While in Eastern Europe, I visited the iconic Prague Castle. What an engaging experience that was as well. So rich in history, the castle is one of the oldest ancient castles in the world, and is still looking good may I add. I couldn’t help but take about a million pictures of it. Renaissance architecture is just so mesmerizing to me.

While I was in Prague, I also visited the Municipal House. Now I hadn’t heard much about the Municipal House before visiting it, but it sure left a grand impression on me. The interior design was immaculate from top to bottom. Being one of the most popular concert halls in Prague, many people were gathered at the Municipal House gazing at the many delights that it had to offer to our tourist eyes.

One of the most interesting buildings I have yet to see, I saw in Eastern Europe, in the Czech Republic, called the Dancing House. When I first saw it, it took me a minute to collect my thoughts. Such a strange and unique building, the Dancing House represents a man and a woman dancing. With its curvy and modern look, it will make any tourist take a second look while walking down the street.

The Dancing House was also another building I captured with my camera, and will be a striking visual for everyone to see back home. I was eager to find a zoo that I could go to in the Czech Republic, and luckily I found the Prague Zoo! I can honestly say it was one of the most beautiful zoo’s I have ever visited, and I have visited quite a few zoos through the years.

The Prague Zoo was a full day experience that was pleasant and entertaining from start to finish. Many children seemed to be totally mesmerized by what the zoo had to offer, and would definitely be a great place to visit if trying to entertain your children for the day. I myself was amazed to see the amount of variety that the Prague Zoo had. Many of the animals there were a rare kind or breed that I had never heard of before. I love to learn about new things while exploring new places.

An Unforgettable Experience in Eastern Europe – At the Carpathian Mountains Photo Gallery

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