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mbrella stroller for Th e administrators and chief offi cers bow to the abbot from their ositions Aft er the bell in front of the hall is rng, the assembly descends from the latforms Th e abbot enters the hall, venerates before the image of Bddha, and then bows simltaneosly with the assembled monks Th is koan conjres a concern also addressed in a cole of other Gateless Gate cases abot the need to follow rles of roriety that Monastic Transmission 147 seem like arbitrary restrictions withot intrinsic vale other than to reglate the way some monastic activities are condcted in relation to seasonal cycles and hors of the day For examle, case 26 deals with the raising of bamboo blinds, which marks the change of seasons, and in case 16 Ynmen asks rhetorically, See how vast and wide the world is! Why do yo t on yor seven- iece robe at the sond of the bell Nevertheless, Xefeng feels erfectly jstifi ed in rerimanding the master for failing to comly In the second art of the narrative, Deshan immediately withdraws to his room, even thogh it is ossible that he was not to blame for the error becase the ringing of the bell may have been erformed late, according to some versions of the koan If this were the case, then the matter of who was right and who was wrong wold need to be rethoght mbrella stroller 2016

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