Twin strollers

Twin strollers for Instead of giving a comeback, he was hesitant and aarently stymied by a sense of concetal aralysis In the forth art of the narrative, Deshan aarently can tell that something is wrong with Yanto, and he inqires abot the discile’s ersective on his leadershi What ever Yanto says to his teacher behind closed doors is not disclosed in the case Th is indicates that there is some kind of intimate connection and familiarity between master and discile in which their roles are more or less eqalized A traditional interretation wold see this exchange as a rime examle of silent transmission, which is sggested by a caing- hrase comment in the Ble Cliff Record sing the image of a thndercla heard by the gods Th e role reversal of Yanto being the one to initiate the conversation is accommodated by similar examles, sch as Baizhang being slaed by his discile Hangbo at the conclsion of the koan abot the fox/monk While the whisering that takes lace between master and discile refl ects one level of silence, another level is reresented by the reticence of Deshan, who once again does not take the oortnity to t an end to the critical comments of his follower Twin strollers 2016

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