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Twin strollers for Instead of giving a comeback, he was hesitant and apparently stymied by a sense of conceptual paralysis. In the fourth part of the narrative, Deshan apparently can tell that something is wrong with Yantou, and he inquires about the disciple’s perspective on his leadership. What ever Yantou says to his teacher behind closed doors is not disclosed in the case. Th is indicates that there is some kind of intimate connection and familiarity between master and disciple in which their roles are more or less equalized. A traditional interpretation would see this exchange as a prime example of silent transmission, which is suggested by a capping- phrase comment in the Blue Cliff Record using the image of a thunderclap heard by the gods. Th e role reversal of Yantou being the one to initiate the conversation is accommodated by similar examples, such as Baizhang being slapped by his disciple Huangbo at the conclusion of the koan about the fox/monk. While the whispering that takes place between master and disciple refl ects one level of silence, another level is represented by the reticence of Deshan, who once again does not take the opportunity to put an end to the critical comments of his follower. Twin strollers 2016.

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