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Tuvalu Map on P. MORGAN, and government intervention under President Theodore ROOSEVELT all signified the age. WORLD WAR I and II just added further evidence that capitalistic economies in the Industrial Age had gained control of the reigns of power globally. The United States, JAPAN, and Great Britain all emerged from World War I as evidence of this while old agrarian-based economies like the Ottoman Turkish Empire, the Manchu Chinese Empire and the Russian Empire collapsed. Through all of this change, land has maintained its value and importance because of its pre-eminent position as the resource for civilization and humanity. While the way capitalistic and post-industrial civilizations view land has changed from mercantile and agrarian times, the value of land as a resource inextricably tied to civilization has remained. Examples today include the stock market REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts) that create profit by large real-estate holdings and the surplus income produced. Tuvalu Map 2016.

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