Tuscany City

Tuscany City for In other words, one must become self-conscious. As a self-conscious being, one not only wills something but understands oneself to be willing. One not only desires or ponders something but understands oneself to be desiring or pondering. To think abstractly is to extend one’s mind through language and reason, achieving a distance from one’s inner drives that demonstrates self-consciousness. Human beings, unlike animals, not only desire and act but also evaluate their desires and actions rationally and self-reflectively. Consequently, they can indulge, deny, postpone, or reroute their desires and actions, having judged them from a more encompassing vantage point that allows present inclinations and behavior to be weighed against more abstract or distant concerns. They may learn from the past and prepare for the future not out of instinct but from thoughtful projection. Tuscany City 2016.

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