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Turks and Caicos Map for There is therefore no surviving Chinese record of Pliny's comet.We must remember that comets do sometimes come in clusters.

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Turks And Caicos Map

For example, the s saw notable comets in and , and in the latter half of three magniicent comets graced the skies, followed by a -degree comet early in The years ? featured four great comets.Furthermore, Josephus mentions a comet that remained visible for one year apparently in AD which may or may not at one point have resembled a sword, of which there is no surviving Chinese record.

With respect to the irst century BC, the surviving Chinese records mention only or comets for the whole of the irst century BC and indeed a paltry or comets for the period BC to AD BC, BC, May?June BC, BC, BC, BC possibly two, BC, AD , AD , AD These Chinese records are derived from the Han shu, that is, The History of the Former Han Dynasty, which, as noted, was composed in the late irst and early second centuries AD, and completed in AD From BC to AD , the Han shu preserves less than half of all the surviving comet records from the period and about ?% of the total number of comets that would generally be expected to be visible to the naked eye over such a period.The large gaps between recorded comets ? BC, ? BC, ? BC, and BC?AD reinforce the conclusion that many cometary apparitions are missing.Indeed there is a notable lull in Han shu records of portents generally between and BC.

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