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Turkey Map Tourist Attractions on When the nation entered the Depression, Hoover believed that the economy was basically sound and would eventually recover, as it had from previous depressions and recessions, through the naturally correcting mechanisms of the American system of capitalism. Nevertheless, to halt the depression, Hoover took some limited initiatives. He requested business leaders to voluntarily maintain employment, wage scales, and capital investment; however, faced by falling prices, production, and profits, businesses were unable to do sorather, companies were trying to avert bankruptcy. Economic conditions continued to worsen and in the 1930 congressional elections, the Democratic Party made huge gains in the face of Hoover’s declining popularity. Going against his economic principles, Hoover tried to take limited action to alleviate the failing economy. He secured an increase in appropriations for a limited federal public works program and he also tried to stimulate the economy through increased government spending. Then, in December, 1931, Hoover requested that Congress create the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Turkey Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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