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Tunisia Subway Map on In the 1980s and 1990s, Eire became economically independent as well, with the incredible growth of the Celtic Tiger economy. Agriculture, industry, technology, and shipping led the way, with averages of 10 percent GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) real growth, 4 percent UNEMPLOYMENT, $25,000 GDP per capita, 5 percent INFLATION, and trade balances of $25 billion. In 2001, Eire joined the EUROPEAN UNION (EU) and its currency converted from the Irish punt to the EURO. Its fiscal policies are currently under direction of the EU banks in Frankfurt, Germany. Current problems due to the growth include political scandals and limited success of the social-partner model of the public sector, employers, and unions. The government response has been a controversial expansionary budget that hopes to reduce inflation rates that are twice that of EU neighbors. The republic also exerts increasing influence over Northern Ireland and takes its foreign policy direction from the EU. Tunisia Subway Map 2016.

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