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Tropical vacation spots for In addition, it is important to remember that the Biblical tradition regarding comets has a markedly positive dimension. As we have already seen, the Hebrew Scriptures portray the birth of the Messiah in terms of a comet in Numbers and Isaiah The fact that the Magi interpret the cometary sign as that of the King of the Jews and embark on a pilgrimage to worship him Matt. indicates that they interpreted what they saw in the heavens with reference to the messianic tradition relected in the Hebrew Bible. This direct or indirect exposure to Old Testament tradition concerning the Messiah evidently played a decisive role in their positive assessment of the cometary Bethlehem Star. This naturally raises the question of why the Magi, trained in astrology, felt the need to turn to Jewish tradition to explain what they observed. Clearly there was something unusual and remarkable about the sight that demanded to be understood with reference to Jewish messianic tradition. But what was it? What did they see? What did the comet do in the heavens that convinced these astrologers that the Jewish Messiah had been born at that very moment? Countering Two Final Objections Before we turn to consider those questions in the next chapter, we must respond to two final objections to the comet hypothesis. Tropical vacation spots 2016.

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