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Tropical vacation destinations for He was particularly impressed by the irst occultation, since it occurred shortly after a conjunction between Jupiter the King Planet and Venus the Mother Planet. In his opinion the oval movement of Jupiter against the backdrop of the ixed stars during the period of the triple occultation was nothing less than a crowning of Regulus. As Martin saw it, the celestial events relating to the King Planet, the Messiah’s Star, and Judea’s constellation alluded strongly to Biblical traditions concerning the Messiah. In addition to the triple occultation, Martin highlighted that on June , BC, Jupiter reunited with Venus in Leo, seeming to most naked-eye observers in Babylon to form a single star. Since this was visible over the western horizon, it was natural for the Magi to interpret it as pointing toward Judea. Then on August of BC, during a massing of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in Leo, Jupiter and Mars had a conjunction. Martin speculated that this phenomenon may have seemed to the Magi to announce the commencement of wars on the earth and that this would have been understood by them in connection with Old Testament prophecies that the messianic era would be ushered in by a cataclysmic war. Tropical vacation destinations 2016.

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