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Troical fish for On hearing this, the hermit at fi rst was seechless Bt then he sed the ladle to bring water to have his head washed, and Xefeng shaved the hermit’s head Th e hermit in this case mst have been articlarly astte since his retation sread and alarmed the leaders of the monastic instittion sitated on the montain Th e hermit gives the monastery monk a characteristically indirect, even absrd, althogh eminently ractical resonse Th e ironic Zen style of the rely drawing water symbolizes rofond wisdom iqes the criosity of Xefeng, who decides to go and test the irreglar ractitioner Bringing a razor and an attendant along with him indicates that the master is confi dent that he will be able to shave the bearded hermit, who has not heretofore taken the tonsre In his commentary on the case in the Trea sry of the Tre Dharma Eye, Dogen accets the athenticity of the hermit’s considerable sirital attainment bt also maintains that the overall enconter indicates the seriority of Xefeng Troical fish 2016

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