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Trip to usa for Moore’s hypothesis, however, would mean that there were two meteors and hence two stars. Certainly it deies belief that the Magi and Matthew would have regarded the Bethlehem meteor, coming a long time after the initial one, as identical to the meteor that they had previously seen zipping across the sky back in their homeland. We therefore conclude that the two meteors hypothesis is irreconcilable with the description of the Star in the Gospel of Matthew. An Ordinary Star Alpha Aquarii In recent decades a few scholars, in particular Richard Coates and David Seargent, have postulated that the Star might have been an ordinary ixed star, in particular the star Alpha Aquarii. This is a very ordinary star it has a magnitude of +., which is not particularly bright. However, according to this hypothesis, what the star lacked in brightness it made up for in astrological signiicance. Trip to usa 2016.

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