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Trip to hawaii package for D. INDEPENDENT SCHOLAR non-alignment SIMPLY PUT, NON-ALIGNMENT refers to the policy of those countries that had remained neutral in the Cold War competition between the UNITED STATES and the SOVIET UNION, between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Warsaw Pact, though not necessarily between SOCIALISM and capitalism. In terms of world system theory, one could state that ever since the end of WORLD WAR II, each sector of the world system, the core, the semi-periphery and the periphery, has had an ideology of its own. For the core countries, it was capitalism (or liberal democracy), for the semi-periphery it was socialism, and for the peripheral countries it was non-alignment. Though in many Third World countries national ideology was characterized by different blends of capitalism, nationalism, regionalism, socialism, and ethnic and religious self-identification, the same was true of the core and semi-periphery countries as well, as evidenced by Eurocommunism, democratic socialism, Irish nationalism, Polish Catholicism, and Slavic parochialism. Each sector, nonetheless, had its dominant ideology and nonalignment was the dominant ideology of the Third World, i.e. Trip to hawaii package 2016.

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