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Trip packages for These financial organizations have not, for instance, made a policy recommendation to transfer a public monopoly directly to the private sector. It has always been assumed that privatization would promote efficiency as a result of increased competition. Breaking up public monopolies before privatization, and creating wide-share ownership rather than bloc sales of shares have been guiding principles. In fact, it is recommended that privatization schemes emphasize employee participation in ownership arrangements so that the employees become stakeholders in the privatized enterprise.

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In 2000, the World Bank put into place its Private Sector Development Strategy (PSDS), a detailed overall privatization plan that promotes privatization but recommends measures to lessen its unwanted effects. It proposes subsidies to the economically disadvantaged to afford the social services transferred to the private sector. The plan suggests that privatization would reduce government overload and thus enable the government to focus its attention on the poor and their needs 668 privatization more efficiently.

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