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Trip deals to hawaii on To qualify for international loans from most major banks, the IMF or World Bank must certify the borrower’s willingness to service the debt. IMF counselors have established a standard, which requires the loan recipient to agree to structural adjustment plans. These often include: trade liberalization to encourage international investors; reducing and ending tariffs that may have protected infant industry; privatization of public sector enterprises and rationalizing public sector work by downsizing and reducing the number of public employees; ending subsidies for food products and services; devaluation of local currency; and expanding export production. From the perspective of the bankers, investors, and multinational corporations these structural adjustments provide a stable environment in which to invest, they hasten movement from barter to monetized economies, remove inefficiencies of publicly owned enterprises and surplus labor, and assure that at least the interest, if not the principal, on previous loans will be repaid. From the perspective of the workers, farmers, and the poor, the effects of these policies have been to increase the cost of food and services, to increase the unemployment rate, often to discourage enforcement of labor law, thereby reducing union membership and power, lowering the number of school attendees and the availability of medical care, and driving many economic refugees behind the fences of international sweatshop and maquiladora or offshore production facilities. The Washington Consensus, in its structural adjustment plans, does not value well-paid labor as imports are to be discouraged and the increased money from exports should be used to service the debt. Companies threaten to move and thus further erode the bargaining power of workers, in both industrial and poor countries. Trip deals to hawaii 2016.

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