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The centrepiece of modern-day Trelleborg is Trelleborgen. a remarkable re-creation of a Viking fortress. It is based on the original fortress, thought to have been built by King Harald Blue Tooth in the 10th century and excavated 1,000 years later. The reconstruction opened in 1995.

The town was at its most prosperous in the Middle Ages when German merchants came to trade salt for herring. Some of the old Skane houses still remain in the quarter around Gamla Torg (Old Square) and in Kloster-granden, where the ruins of a 13th-century Franciscan monastery still stand. The monastery itself was closed during the Reformation, but its garden is a recreated oasis with a herb, hop and pleasure garden. Stadsparken, the town park with a gorgeous rose garden, is well worth a visit.

Among the other sights is Trelleborgs Museum, focusing on local history, Sjofartsmuseet (the Seafaring Museum) and Axel Ebbehallen, which has a large collection of sculptures by Skane artist Axel Ebbe.

Environs: A short distance west of Trelleborg lies the village of Skegrie and beside the E6 is Skegriedosen, a Stone Age burial mound. The rectangular grave chamber is formed from four stone

blocks with a giant pointed block as a roof, surrounded by 17 footstones. This type of Stone Age burial site is only found in southern and western Sweden.

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