Modern peaks school morning it is 7 o’clock a.m. and we’re waiting for our going to come attendance to the train stations for training it today this has got to be the nicest train station that we’ve been to yeah five, and six seats six info we have to catch a train. So often look at my leg space, and yes there’s free Wi-Fi.

TRAVELLING TO CANADA IN STYLE Vancouver Canada Photo Gallery

So we just jumped on the train as you can see we have these seeds like bring my biggest breakfast, I’m gonna get breakfast it’s actually a really nice trundle this is a bench why can we be here wasn’t much of a selection. But I was able to get us some yummy bagels, and some coffee should keep us going until we want some more from obviously really impressed with us crying I think we need to catch trains more often in case of thankful section. But nice be careful we just arrived in Vancouver Canada it’s now 22 – we got care about if I change save the change life recently. So we wanted a classroom now refugees we just go in like this AMW which is cool. Because like the mugs are like frosted we’ve got like our veggie burger, and our chips we’re happy now. Because we haven’t eaten Mabel this morning right route we’re in Canada 2 hours, and 40 minutes later for whitey all sorted now least wasn’t our fault otherwise I’ve been like no wow oh yes how clans would be sort changed. But the Train really awesome like definitely is the ideal way to travel it was so comfy free Wi-Fi free Wi-Fi power outlets Lincoln up unlimited internet. So clean. But yeah. So we just need to catch a train out. Because we’re not actually staying in Vancouver we’re just saying up like we’re 30 minute train ride out doing with the trainer paper when you get out of the city yes by half the price yeah. So we’ll show you guys our partners when we get there blue jump to the Ron train here we go again like showed you guys the apartment. But realistic checked in, and the owner of the place is kind enough to drop us off at the local shopping center we’ve got a SIM card an umbrella, and then we’re just going to go do some free shop it’s not it is it’s Black Friday maybe.

So this is what a sale looks like then then then then didn’t beerain anything sweet nah Oh crunchy crunchy that is one big pizza they have this whole aisle by the way it’s just for pizza this is our car Nelly got our shopping now in home, and tired you be home shall give you a room tour yeah apartment tour. So this is I connected to another house it’s almost like a granny flat that we’re renting. But yes he walks through the door, and then we have our kitchen which is actually quite big like pretty much got everything that we need here for the next yeah, and then we’ve got like a nice desk. So I can finally do some work I’ve got a Jess very wet yes a very wet Jess. So we got like a nice little lounge room probably where we’re going to be spending most of our time pull it out your bed oh yes or just all the time, and then we have our bedroom. So with a nice comfy bed we’ll test it out Oh comfy yeah out of ten damn, and then we have like our closet which closes spy on Jess yeah bathroom yeah it is a boss that’s good yeah Oh does actually hot Jonah yes, and then like is the more yeah, and then we just have like this shared laundry. But I mean it’s like downstairs, and I think things are really big like a little granny flat, and it’s the kitchens huge, I’ll stand it may be the perspective how big it is this perspective how big Henry is oh okay yeah we’re just gonna unpack in shower, and finally do some washing.

So you can do any in Seattle, and then we’re just gonna have a bath, and then maybe some dinner, and just simply air for the rest of the night that can go on, and then we go in there washing is on, and I’ve been instructed with cooking a meal for this one she’s prime the face you just have a shower. But this is what, I’m gonna cook no Taylor on toast do you approve sorry guys I fell for one of those clickbait Facebook posts you know where’s like six foods that turn into belly fat sounds like oh yeah me, and Jessa fine, I’m just gonna quickly take you to the list all right potato chips died. So we thought we’ll be good for getting the diet nope Pizza french fries for sure we had something other day today stay poof we’re sort of guys Oh Cheers see this is what luckily I didn’t see a tailor not chocolate on the list, I’m gonna be fine get my bikini body ready Jess’s FEHB mmm hot chocolates actually quite nice, I’m gonna be fed in a second, and yeah I think we’re just gonna just end the night yeah guys it’s an interesting day starting off in Seattle, and then making our way ours rocky yes starting off in Seattle, and making our way up to Vancouver honestly if train rides were everywhere I think we’ll just do it from now on with it was sorry comfy and. Because we put the seats towards the front where technically you should have someone in front of you which be honest would have been very awkward. So nicely staring into someone else’s eyes wait we like while your knees touch. But otherwise. Because no there was a pretty empty train.

So we just got to put our feet up it was Wi-Fi. So we’re just some were caught up in some just relaxed was pretty one the best four hours worth of traveling without had done. But unfortunately that was canceled the three hours waiting in the customs office. But it’s all sorted now it’s all good we’re happy just as sleepy I think cuz she’s just had too much chocolate. But yeah I think we’re just going to chill for the night guys, and I don’t know what we’re going to do tomorrow I think would pretty pooped. Because you know have the six weeks of traveling we just kinda need that day off where we just binge watch Netflix, and binge watch ginger I think it’s going to be one of those days maybe they can ask us any questions again they meet tomorrow tomorrow we can do a Q&A yeah we’ll do a Q&A for you guys we’ll do a Q&A thank you yeah. So I suppose questions.

So we can do one. Because if you don’t ask anything yeah we don’t know why we can’t do it think about dinosaur questions last time. So it’s a shoot away yeah any questions if you have cool. So thanks again for all your support guys we’ll see you tomorrow yes each Mariko’s good night ie end it weird tonight what, I’m too tired bye.

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