Travelling in New Zeland

Right from the first step on New Zeland land you are captivated by the terrific views of this marvelous place. At first, it seems like you manage to escape from the bustling world into the quiet paradise. Picturesque landscapes, the sound and breath of nature fill you with the sense of inner freedom. The best remedy from everyday worries, eventful life and problems.

Despite New Zeland gives the impression of the remote place, it’s located in a few hours from Australian’s cities and 10 years from West Coast of the USA.

Many of travellers are pretty suspicious about getting to the remote destinations by road since this country consists of 2 main islands. However, you may get to key areas using both air and roads. The first way is a little bit expensive for budget tourists, but if you follow different discounts and special offers – you may get the best offers from various international airlines. Air China, Emirates, LAN, Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia are to name a few. Moreover, different domestic airports make any local home destination accessible. So, there is a point in using Air Chathams ( and Stewart Island Flights ( While traveling in New Zeland, one should keep in mind that these flights can be booked quickly and it has its own strict size and weight restrictions.

Another great choice that’s worth consideration is car rental services, that has been developing rapidly for the last few decades. This type of transportation is favored by more and more visitors. This could be explained due to relatively short distances between travel destinations. Furthermore, it suits better for a wider range of tourists as you can choose among various offers according to budget. If you use coupons( afforded on – you’ll definitely save up to 25% despite destinations, time of the year etc.

Inter-Island Ferries is another opportunity to visit even remote corners of New Zealand while enjoying the natural beauty of landscapes. could be an excellent resource to find and book the best variant for you.

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