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Hey everybody welcome back to Tel Aviv here in Israel this wasn’t on the plans today the next three days we didn’t think was going to happen hostel was staying at just here at abraham ourselves our unlike a tour company, and they literally do three-day tours to petra we’re going to Jordan today guys, I’m so excited. Because it’s the unexpected we weren’t sure we’re gonna do this we’ll see you guys at the border camel has two humps to arms open to Jordan everybody it is about 11 o’clock, and we left tel-aviv about 7:00 a.m. So we had to drive across the border were there for about an hour, and now in jerash we’re coming to visit an old kind of ancient city, and it there’s actually quite a bit left on it how you doing bubs good, I’m excited don’t ever thought we’re going to go to Jordan I didn’t realize how easy it was to to come here from Israel yeah it’s actually super easy you can do Jordan you can do Egypt out of Israel it’s almost like you could use Israel’s at hub, and then go explore it’s a more Middle Eastern country they don’t do Gates or entrances like they did back in the day my how brandis’s with the four pillars it’s literally just engulfing Jess at the moment are you guys come to like our first mate a spot where at an arena where that have chariot races which is so cool. So as you can see here the horses, and the charities would come racing around there, and that’s all God was saying. Because of all the issues with the countries surrounding Jordan used to have a thousand tourists come here every single day.

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And they used to actually do chariot demonstrations gladiator fights if you guys have seen a movie you live you die as you can see there’s no one here literally he was even saying when we go to Petra back in the day they used to be six to seven thousand tourists a day he said you’ll be lucky to see 300 people we’re just in a forum, and it is just. So fascinating. Because I didn’t realize that there was I mean a Greek, and Roman influences yeah it’s just in front of me it’s just a temple dedicated to Zeus or Jupiter, and it’s so fascinating also just here are they recently excavated this as you can see this was under sand for a thousand years can see how white it is compared to the rest of it it’s like that got a tan has been on the ground I still hear let’s walk up the hand guys these are Chariot marks from over 1200 years ago that’s when the last ones were coming through here you can actually wake, and it destroyed it guys it is lunchtime I am so hungry come to a place good artemis restaurant, and Rowleys buffet, and i don’t know what to expect for jordanian jordanian food buffet means we’re gonna to hopefully find some good food to show you guys yeah it actually looks super nice the restaurant this is the traditional bread I think hello that’s so cool thank you Thanks on seems expectant Israeli welcome to Amman everyone guys if I heard the to a guy correctly this is pretty much where civilization started. So this is the spot where cavemen kind of started doing agriculture, and stuff like that.

So he said that this area is seven thousand years old we’re currently at the Citadel in Amman, and I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place. So old with so much history it is incredible, I’m seriously getting blown away by Jordan this wasn’t even on my radar like Petra was there’s so much history here there’s also so much biblical history yeah I think everyone thinks to go to Israel to get your fix. But in come to Jordan there’s so much other sites to come, and see, and seriously am on how insane is the city it’s just been built up on these hills it’s just a giant just a giant urban jungle right there I wish we could just walk around the streets, and explored looks. So unique in its own way some sexual that anything else Ribbentrop is heavily he says we could not there or cannot be not big on Chuseok top of our top, and I chose the hard spot like the crunchy top it’s pretty caramely. So see if you like it.

So no you’re not have found it horrible it’s not hey there’s much like the pistachios we’ll almost at our accommodation that we had to pass over the Sun is setting in this beautiful valley just over here Jeremy staying down there, and that’s where we’re staying that is so cool chilly I know this feels weird this is the first time I felt chilly in the Middle East is entire time guys we just got to our accommodation were almost living off the grid a little bit we’re a Bedouin camp which will tell you more about later. Because we have to come in. But this is where we stained seven wonders seven wonders Bedouin camp oh my gosh this place is so cool this is all set up the tents in a bit of a dome area. So we’re all kind of just in a valley oh gosh how cool is this yeah Wow I can’t believe we’re doing this oh my god like, I’m just looking at that looks like a movie set 14 yeah they’re Saints Oh electricity’s on till 11 okay hot showers in the evening. But not the morning really this is so fascinating this is it guys this is where we’re staying for the night that is it this is cool, and then we’re gonna wake up in the morning yeah well show you the more in the morning cuz yeah, and we are in Petra right now. So we’re in the UNESCO side okay thanks man no more daylight we have some local Jordanian team Cheers I don’t know what to expect good.

But is it her booty that smells good that doesn’t taste good it’s like a sweet tea oh you really like it Oh in this like little amphitheater yeah when it’s oh they might even start his fire now fire is blazing they’ve also lit up the side are you can help pick it up yeah it looks like fairies in an anthill, and dinner is served I can watch it like a Christmas tree welcome to Mars everyone or welcome to Arabia well really welcome to Wadi Rum they use this place as. So many posting locations for Mars the Martian was shot yeah Lawrence of Arabia not a miasma even Lawrence of Arabia was shot here. But yeah we can have a bit of fun this morning we’re going on a jeep to us this looks super fun yeah that’d be good we’ve just stopping one of these massive mountains white Iran stands for valley of the mountains as you can see we’re just surrounded by it there’s so nice to see like this orange dirt cuz this is the spot that they shot the movie Martian. But of course they do use a bit of computer graphics to remove all the bushes. But yeah you can see it looks like Mars when you’re here it’s a good spot I think we found a good viewpoint up there Oh you just come to a stop, and I think we I found the crown jewel it is just in the valley there’s just mountains surrounding it actually been drinking a lot of at our accommodation the tents before, and it is so sweet but. So tasty clear oh it is literally your sugar tea. But in the heat it tastes amazing thank you so much this is really awesome.

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