A day, and a half later, and we are in Chiang Mai Thailand that feels pretty damn cool say it’s about 103 degrees in Thailand the Sun is just like the set. But to start this post off we have to go back in time 32 hours to New York City I can’t laughing my name is Eric Conover, and I am a r living in New York City, I’m a traveler.


So far this year has been crazy I’ve been to the Bahamas Martinique Bali Japan Indonesia Miami Los Angeles a whole bunch of other places, and in three hours from now, I’m jumping on a plane, and going to Thailand this trip is a 7 day long trip to Thailand it’s my first time ever there like I said I don’t really know what to expect. So you are along on this ride with me this is the first post in the Thailand travel series what, I’m still want to say Sam should I push comment I wouldn’t know none you don’t think. So nan the beginning what do you think tell them to sub this is a r conversation, I’m here with a bunch of my friends are now here, I’ll show you who, I’m here with I would say no no don’t don’t I would say at least post it right now, and then you can cut it out also true fine okay.

So if you guys liked this post comment to actually comment to everyone here, and play with it, and thrown back nearly everyone us tickets why not back to left back to the cameraman are we in trouble, I’ll reinstall are you posting here now yeah, I’m posting we might finish over not trouble got the keys back oh it’s Nikki ah as Nikki don’t about to get kicked off the roof if you like what you see comment to my blog. So you notify whenever I post these travel posts the next six posts are going to be epic let’s go silence there’s this saying that, I’m going to live my life by it’s either this or the other when you’re good you’re good I get to the check-in the woman says you know what mr. Conover it is your lucky day you were just upgraded from economy to business class that might not sound like a huge deal. But the flight from New York City to Hong Kong is just about 14 hours, I’m a tall guy, I’m six foot four sitting at business class on a 14-hour flight compared to tucking my body you have to see a wife sit economy is a sight I literally tuck in it my knees are hitting my chest yeah some context to why, I’m going to Thailand I was actually invited out to Thailand through the Thai tourism board more or less I was invited out to Thailand to make posts, and it’s also their New Year’s so, I’m posting the New Year celebrations things like that JFK is a ghost town it’s a Sunday night, I’m going to go hunker up, and jump on this plane next stop business class Hong Kong I was thinking this a 15 hour flight is just about the closest thing you can get to time travel now hear me out.

So on the flight I was reading this post called passengers Jennifer Lawrence Chris pratically, I’m super jealous Chris Pratt the whole post. Because he’s stuck on a spaceship with Jennifer Lawrence, and they’re in hibernation on their way to a new world, and they’re hibernating for 90 years when you can sleep on a flight like that it’s the closest thing you have the time travel I have to say Cathay Pacific if you are reading this huge huge thank you the portal has now dumped me in Hong Kong it’s just about five o’clock in the morning, I’m looking at my ticket, and there’s an extra piece of paper perfect thank you my first time ever in a business class lounge at the airport this experience what you’re reading this is not my normal travel experience this is kind of a very unexpected. But unluckily complain sent us about six hours in the lounge went by like that next flight leaves in just about 30 minutes, I’m kind of running it pretty close as far as timing, and quite the experience though having a lounge. Because normally I just kind of camp out here you know I sit in this little area where you’re waiting to replace jet lag it’s creeping its way, and I thought I was going to make it I was doing. So well keeping my mind busy. Because I feel like from you when I keep my brain busy jet lag is not an issue. But the moment I kind of you know laid down like I laid on the ground over here the moment I laid down the jet lag just kind of washes over two, and a half hour flight easy especially after 14-hour flight two, and a half hours nothing it’s like a little car ride down the Jersey from New York City.

But yeah let’s do it next stop Thailand welcome to Chiang Mai Thailand just got here it is very very hot about 36 degrees Celsius about together the car now, and hits my hotel I have finally arrived at the roaring jinda Hotel & Spa in Chiang Mai Thailand they know how I said at the airport it was hot it’s 103 degrees pretty toasty. But it actually feels nice for everyone’s favorite part of the post the hotel tour yeah the front courtyard of the hotel nice little koi pond this huge huge pool in the courtyard you turn over this way walk inside there is an actual gym which is very very nice the whole gym treadmills some machines some light freeways hi here we go wait until you see this this is the room for the next three days in Chiang Mai actually really really nice room here’s an opening connecting the bedroom, and the bathtub the rest of the plan for today is there’s three more guys coming in, and then we’re meeting with the Tourism Board we’re probably gonna grab some dinner. But the first day here pretty much just chill catch up adjust the time chain, I’m going to go get a workout in just kind of ease into my first day in Thailand for a travel tip of the day normally the first thing I do if, I’m suffering from jet lag I get to a new spot, and I just go for a run I run as far as I can as fast as I can, and then I turn around, and hopefully have enough to get back to the place it’s just about 6:00 p.m. here, and it’s still a 102 degrees I stopped at this coffee shop. Because they have these misters oh I did just about five kilometres I don’t even know how fast I wonder how slow I went, I’ll just try to finish it. Because this is the point in the jet lag of no returns I can stay awake till sunset, I’m good that’s the key it still hasn’t even hit me that, I’m in Thailand like I am in Thailand right now I’ve been walking around for the past like 10 minutes conscious exploring this hotel it’s a very natural like, I’m walking down this path I don’t know where it leads a whole networking path, and whatnot, and that lots of guest goes out kind of making noises like dogs oh my well what do we have here big empty swimming pool.

But it’s very very quiet by the pool almost like too quiet you know what I mean we just had dinner actually I didn’t sell my casino I don’t want to be that person as the camera when they first meet someone I mentioned, I’m here for. So Chron it’s like this huge water festival new year it’s going to be pretty insane just get ready for a fun post that neva comes down below if you have any recommendations of things to do in Thailand. Because, I’m going to have some few days at the end we’re going to go off on my own, and explore. So let me know down below what you think I should do, and I will see you tomorrow from Thailand. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion try to be quiet. Because I think I think everyone’s asleep.

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